GoGo Board Resources

Building and Programming Topics

How to write a Logo program
Complete list of commands and what they do
Run-once vs. looping programs
Programs with multiple procedures (subprocedures)
Conditionals (if this then that)
Scratch and GoGo Boards
Display messages (7-segment display)
Guidelines for Building Mobile Robots
Image courtesy gogoboard.org

Connecting to your GoGo Board with the GoGo Monitor (see image below)

  1. Use a PC!
  2. Connect USB cable from GoGo Board to computer.
  3. Turn on the GoGo Board.
  4. Open GoGo Monitor.
  5. Click Connect. If successful you will see the screen below.
  6. If not successful turn board off and on. Try again.
  7. If still unsuccessful turn off and on, click Device Manager, unfold COM ports, note which number port GoGo Board is connecting on. Close Device window.
  8. Change COM port number to that COM port and click Connect.

GoGo Board Monitor, for direct communication between PC and board AND writing and downloading programs to board.
GoGo Monitor Layout.png
Image courtesy gogoboard.org