We weren't able to use Elgg to try this out, but we explored the same concept using CourseWeb. Here's what we did:
  • Log into CourseWeb.
  • Click edit profile or click anywhere on your own name.
  • Look at the features of your online profile you can change, such as picture, interests, location.
  • Some features you can't change in courseweb but in Elgg you would be able to, such as, first and last name, and additionally you would have a lot of other features you could specify.
  • Using Elgg students would have to really examine their assigned literary character to find out how to fill in such things as occupation, education, hobbies, etc.
Here are some ideas for what to do with these literary profiles:
  • Create a discussion forum and have students discuss a topic from the point of view of their character.
  • What else? We ran out of time.
  • Here's what our discussion looked like. It would have pictures representing the characters rather than the smileys.