Using Google Docs and Spreadsheets - convened by arvind grover
In attendance: Ann Scott Knight, Arthur Viscusi, Christopher Weaver, Dana Miller, Danielle Blaise, Dawn Bauer, Douglas French, Emily-Greta Tabourin, Isabel Ezrati, Jon Gruenberg, Jonathan Sabol, Joseph Iannacone, Josephine Nelson, Karen Cobham, Martha Hirschman, Maureen Burgess, Nancy Gallin, Sandra Midkiff, Stephen Rose, Dorothy Lamonaca, Nancy Sanford

In order to log in to Hewitt Docs (Google Docs), you must visit

If you don't have a password, see arvind or Erik or Spencer to have it set.

Watch this video to undestand how Google Docs works - "Google Docs in Plain English" by Common Craft

In Google Docs you can make any of 4 different types of documents: text documents (like Word), spreadsheets (like Excel), digital presentations (like Powerpoint), and forms (to collect data).

Google Docs works very well in cases where you need to collaborate on a single document - a letter going home to parents, a collection of paragraphs from all over the middle school, benchmarks, a family newsletter, whatever! Spreadsheets that many people need to see, a Powerpoint-esque document that many of us build.

Here is an example of the spreadsheet we built together in class

Here is the example document we built in class

Here is the example presentation we built in class (these can be put right into CourseWeb!):

Here is a form that we made in class. Click here to see the results of the survey