Introduction to video posting!

How to use the flip phone:
Simple one button to record
Speak loud / no volume control
Do not use zoom
Now you have a “clip”
Button on the side flips up the usb key

Key is places into your computer
The camera has software.

If you want to use this on your computer, you must download the software.

To put the video on the blog, download the video and save it to the computer. Put in a folder. Go Blip TV - go to
User name: Hewitt
Password: Learning
Then upload and follow directions!
Copy the code, then go to your blog and click on code and paste your code.
Save and publish. You will see your video on the blog!
You can also use the email function on flip tv and email the video to parents.
You can find examples on the lower school blog!

On the Mac computer:
Using imovie
You can find the camera icon to record footage.
Then go to the working space and click on the film and move the frame.
You can shorten or make it bigger to select part of the movie you want!
You can drag and drop the selection you want within the yellow frame.
Drag to the upper working area.
In that area you can add subtitles and credits using the capital T button on the right side and select the type you would like.
You can then drag and drop to the same working area.
A blue bubble will come up and your text will come up on the right hand side.
When you are done:
Click share and save as a file in itunes or up load into youtube.