Here are two sample excel grading workbooks. The Sample Grades workbook is from a technology workshop a few years ago that some of you may have attended (that's why the students' names are all names of Hewitt teachers). The Sample Grading workbook is from June's faculty workshops. The Sample Grades workbook is a bit simpler and might be easier to navigate if this is your first experience with excel.

Each workbook contains several worksheets. Each worksheet focuses on a particular area of grading and can be customized to your needs (homework, tests, participation, papers, etc.) The first worksheet takes the data from all other worksheets and does the actual grade calculations. The grades can be weighted in whatever way you choose (tests 30%, participation 20%, etc).

I would be happy to help anyone set up excel gradebooks in the fall. The first time you set up a gradebook, it can take up to an hour. From then on, though, the process is very quick. Throughout the term, all you need to do is enter grades, and excel will give you the students' current grades to date. At the start of the new semester, it takes about 5-10 minutes to copy the previous semester's workbooks and set them up for the new term (or the new school year). Time well spent!