Tips for using Excel for graphing

There are some great free tutorials on Excel out there:
Basic tutorial of Excel from the University of San Diego
Excel tutorial from the University of Rochester
Please add more if you find them!

Creating a table to organize information in Excel is fun and easy! Enter your data and label your information. This is the easy part (Excel has many useful tools like taking sums, averages etc.). But how do we translate this into graphs?

There are a few ways to do this

Way 1.
1. Highlight all of the information you wish to use
2. Click on the graph symbol on the top tool bar
3. Choose the type of graph you want. As you continue to go through this make choices based on how and what you want graphed. This will allow you to title the graph and the axis. At the end I suggest you choose graphing it on another tab, not as an inset

Question: Can you graph just an isolated group of data?
Answer: Yes! All you have to do is highlight the data you want. If the data is in rows or columns separated by other information, you highlight one press control, then highlight the other data and you are there!

Question: If I put my grades in and I only did it up to J, but I want my formula to go to P, what do I do?
Answer: All you have to do is click on the cell that has the formula and change the number that you want in there.

Question: How do you do line of best fit?
Answer: We don't know.