Cleaning out your startup items
  • Go to Start, run..., type in "msconfig"
  • Go to the startup tab
  • Uncheck any startup items that you do not want in the window

Check for any startup items that you are unsure of. It will tell you what the startup item is and then you can determine whether you need it or not.

Cleaning out your cache, temp files, temporary internet files
First things first, you have to enable show hidden files before you can clean things out. To do this:
  • Go to My Computer
  • Click on tools
  • Click on folder options
  • Click on the view tab
  • Click on show hidden files and folders

Once that is done, we can start clearing out things. One of the first temp folders is located here:
  • Go to My Computer
  • Double Click on Local Disk C:
  • Double Click on Documents and settings
  • Double Click on your username folder
  • Double Click on Local Settings
  • There should be a temp folder in here. Double click into the temp folder and delete all the things that are inside.

There is another place where the temp folder is located.
  • Go to My Computer
  • Double Click on Local Disk C:
  • Double Click on Windows
  • Double Click on Temp. You can go ahead and delete all the things inside.

The following wasn't in the session but it's good to know too:
Defragging your laptop
Sometimes as you download and install programs onto your machine, the files get fragmented onto your hard drive. To defragment it, all you have to do is:
  • Open my computer
  • Right click on the Local Disk C:
  • Click on properties
  • Go to the tools tab
  • Click on Defragment Now...
  • A new window will pop up. All you have to do now is click on defragment and it will start the process. You may want to leave the computer while it is doing its business. It may take an hour or two depending on your computer.