Easy Grade Pro Rocks by Joe Iannacone


"I have used excel and I have not liked it." - J. Iannacone

Easy Grade Pro is an old fashioned grade brook, but so much better. You enter students names and you enter assignments as you go.
Things you can do:
  • create a grade scale
  • you can weight the grades fairly easily
  • summaries of classes and by student
  • categorize assignments
  • You can email reports to yourself
  • You can enter grades and have it displayed as a percent, even if you enter it only as a score (example max score would be entered as 53, and Sophie scored a 47, it will end up being a 89%)

To start:
1. You open a new class, and select a term
2. When the page opens you choose your class
3. Change class options (what qualifies as a B, etc)
4. You enter names of students and names of assignments (allows you to change the points value)

Try it out! There are tutorials on the website!