We talked about two main topics:
1. Discussion forums
  • First, turn on editing mode in your course.
  • "Add a resource" is always to upload resources for the students. "Add an activity" is always to create something students will be able to interact with. So Click the latter, and choose forum.
  • Type a title for the forum.
  • There are four discussion forum types. 1) Single simple discussion lets YOU post a question or topic and students respond by clicking reply. 2) Q and A forum is the same as 1 but students won't see the posts of other students until they submit their own (good when you want original thoughts). 3) Each student posts one discussion allows students to start their OWN discussion. They might post a writing sample. Then other students can reply to them and give feedback. 4) is the most open option, Standard Forum for General Use. Students can start their own discussions and get other students' feedback and start additional discussions if that's appropriate for the assignment.
  • Some ideas for this are posting writing samples for feedback, a teacher uploading an image for students to comment on (students cannot upload images in CourseWeb), and a problem set given for students to solve.
2. Quizzes
  • Benefits, CourseWeb grades for you, gives students immediate result
  • Drawback, many options so it can be very confusing to create a quiz.
  • One option is to create the quiz in a text document (type it in notepad) and import it when you have created the quiz. This is how it must be formatted to import it:
  • Below are some examples:

  • Who's buried in Grant's tomb?{~Grant ~Jefferson =no one}

  • Grant is {~buried =entombed ~living} in Grant's tomb.

  • Grant is buried in Grant's tomb.{FALSE}

  • Who's buried in Grant's tomb?{=no one =nobody}

  • When was Ulysses S. Grant born?{#1822}